The Elements

In many ancient philosophies classical ‘elements’ are used to describe the different energies or patterns in nature on the Earth. The four elements most frequently identified are earth, water, fire and air. Space, also known as aether, void, consciousness or spirit, is used in Hindu, Buddhist, Japanese and Greek systems of thought. Ancient Chinese philosophy adds metal and wood as elements. Our Company has chosen to identify all 7 of these elements in our approach to landscape design.

Each of these elements is essential to the existence and well being of both the earth and the spirit. They therefore form an integral part of landscape design. The elements are embedded in the human psyche and can be expressed as aspects of the garden. And so, trees, hedges, planting beds, grassy areas, garden gates, pathways, clearings, pergolas, arbours, garden huts, fences, terraces, rocks, ponds, waterfalls, fountains, benches, etc. – all link back to earth’s basic elements.

The earth element is the energy of inanimate substances. Soil is the representation of earth in the landscape. It was produced by the weathering of rock by wind and water. Soil is where life in the landscape begins and is sustained. The soil type determines the plant species that will thrive in an environment.
Water is the essence of fluidity and liquidity. Every living thing on Earth is made primarily of water. All life has evolved from water and it is essential to sustain life. Plant materials in the landscape cannot exist without water. Because of water’s link to our beginnings, the sound and sight of water in the landscape can magically transport us to a place where our spirit is restored.
Fire is the heat energy created on Earth by the energy of the sun. Without the sun, the warmth necessary to produce and sustain life would not be possible. In the landscape the sun is essential for plant life. The amount and intensity of sunlight in a garden is an important consideration in the selection of plants.
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